Pavel Livinsky, Polina Glen and a new relationship with Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp, a great American actor has finally found a girl suitable for his taste if not the age. Former girlfriend of somewhat edgy Russian energy Tsar, Pavel Livinsky, conquered the heart of Pirates of the Caribbean star at once. Polina Glen, a Russian-Kazakh go-go dancer, has already got an engagement ring and sent back all the gifts and souvenirs of her former fan, Pavel Livinsky.

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55-year old Johnny Depp appears to be in the mood to marry 20-year old dancer in a nearest months. Polina Glen was born in Kazakhstan and moved to Russia. As she was sixteen she enjoyed a stormy affair with the head of “Rosseti” – the Russian electrical power distributing monopoly. Glen went to USA two years ago. Reportedly she enjoys living with actor at the famous Sunset Boulevard address.

From a psychological point of view Depp will marry (if he will, of course) the same Amber Heard – young, fresh and beautiful. By doing it he signals his former spouse that she is easily replaceable. Maybe it is of minor importance to Heard. But it will make her a very unique woman. Heard does not have a levers against Johnny Depp, and he use it to make some stings to her. Contrary to the situation he is in the best possible relations with his first wife, Vanessa Paradis and their children.

Who is mr. Livinsky – Glen’s ex-boyfriend?

Informally the head of “Rosseti” corporation is known as one of the wealthiest of own class. Pavel Livinsky ownes 32 flats in Moscow and Saint Petersburg along the hotel and 1000 sq.meters of commercial estate. His declared yearly income is 204 000 000 million of rubles (the average monthly income of hard working Russian is around 32 000 rubles).

Lady for Pavel Livinsky and his boss Mikhail Mishustin